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Saskatoon dentists providing 25 years of exceptional dental care services

Discover your best oral health with dental care for the whole family.


General Dentistry and Emergency Dental Patients Welcome


Or Call us at: 306.978.1700

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Patient-first Dental Clinic in Saskatoon

Westend Dental provides the highest level of dental care with a warm and welcoming touch.

Are you looking for a dental clinic that combines expertise with a warm and friendly approach? Then look no further than the team of highly skilled dentists at Westend Dental. Our dentists are not only experts in the latest dental techniques and technology, but they also prioritize building strong relationships with their patients. They understand the importance of clear communication and collaboration, working with patients to develop personalized treatment plans that suit their unique needs.

Dental Care and Emergency Dental Services

Our dental clinic offers a wide range of preventive care, restorative care, general care, and cosmetic dentistry services. All designed to help patients achieve optimal oral hygiene and beautiful smiles. We also use advanced technology that allows for faster, less invasive, and more efficient oral care than ever before.

Our dentistry services include: dental x-rays, new patient exams, annual dental check ups, routine teeth cleaning, dental fillings for cavities, wisdom teeth removal, broken tooth repair, cracked and chipped tooth repair, CEREC restorations, same day dental crown and bridges, root canal, porcelain veneers, dental surgery, dentures, Invisalign, metal braces, teeth whitening, dental implants, dentures, composite bonding, TMJ, and more.

 Root Canal

 Dental Implant





 Dental Surgery

All Dental Services

Your Friendly Family Dental Clinic

Our friendly family dentists take pride in providing excellent patient care for your family in a relaxing and comfortable dental office. It doesn't matter if you are a child, teen, or adult we will give you the highest quality dental service available. We want you to feel confident and know you are working with dentists and other professionals who are qualified, experienced, caring, and proud to help your family achieve their oral health and smile goals.

Our staff consists of skilled professionals who are committed to providing you with exceptional service and ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable office visit. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly professionals!


Our Saskatoon Dental Clinic


Westend Dental is a dental clinic in Saskatoon who is dedicated to helping you maintain optimal oral health. Our dental practice is devoted to exceptional customer service, comprehensive treatments, preventive care, and emergency dental services all with high quality care and a flexible approach. You deserve the best that a Saskatoon dentist office has to offer with the newest technology and materials. Our dentists attend hours of continuing education in order to bring to you the latest advancements and procedures for a dental emergency and general dentistry.

A Dedicated Dentist Near Me


Alongside our dentists are the hard-working ladies of our oral care support team. Comprised of knowledgeable assistants and hygienists. Our support team is here to provide you with a comfortable, relaxed and highly professional environment and work in tandem with your doctor in order to meet your oral health goals.


Meet Our Dentists

emergency dentist near me

We want your visit to be stress free.
Our dental clinic was designed to put you at ease and make you feel welcome from the moment you come into the office.

Book your next dentist appointment or routine dental check-up


We are currently accepting new patients. Business hours are Monday to Friday and we are open Saturday and open Sunday as well.

Conveniently located on Laurier Dr, easily accessible from Circle Dr in West Saskatoon.

Contact Us



Westend Dental

3110 Laurier Dr #10
Saskatoon, SK S7L 5J7

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Proudly providing dental care in Saskatoon for over 25 years